Monday, October 18, 2010

Rockland Breakwater

So this past weekend while home on the coast, I walked the Rockland Breakwater, the man-made jetty that protects Rockland Harbor from breaking waves (hence it's name). The project took 20 years starting in 1881, and is built of 700,000 tons of granite. It's a mile long and 60 feet wide at its base underwater. The weather was beautiful-- the perfect fall day where it's not yet too cold to be comfortable out but you definitely need all the layers you've put on. Here are some pictures!

The extending breakwater.

The clapboarded lighthouse at the end.

By the beach.

Breakwater Light.

D and T win the award for most adorable parents ever.

More beach scenes.

Who's that goofball?

Rosie did not like the cracks between the stones...

Listening to: Vocal Chords by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (because how can you not like a band with that name??)

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