Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pascal Avenue

Sometimes the photo-bug bites and I have to obey. Such was the case this weekend when I was walking the dog with my mom and the light hit the side of the brick buildings in Rockport so beautifully that I realized if I didn't sprint home and get my camera I would loathe myself (which is never desirable). SO I spent the next two hours crawling around the streets like a crazy woman, snapping pictures in the middle of the road, side-walk, ocean, boatyard, you name are the best ones. Enjoy.

Brick and wood and a reflection.

Reflection in the Opera House.

Sunlit lamp post.

Window reflections on stucco.

Rockport, reflected.

Opera-house roof corner.


Haunted house at one six one.


Harbor at dusk.

Sunset reflected on a Camry.


Union Hall fire escape.

Concordia with a hole in the hull.

Golden harbor reflection.

Dock-house and dog.

Work boat and yacht reflected.

Gas cover.

Paint-stained pebbles.

Wheelbarrow dock.

Listening to: High On A Mountaintop-- Loretta Lynn
Because: a) She's amazing, b) I love her, and c) you should too.

Well we lay on our backs and we count the stars
'cause up here, folks, heaven's not that far.


  1. You are quite the photographer Missy!! Great job. And I love reading 'The Wilder Things'!! Have a great year at school.
    x0x0x0x0x (Ms. K)

  2. I love looking at Rockport through your eyes...

  3. I love the golden harbor reflection! :)

  4. holy lighting char...amazing! god i love you.


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