Friday, July 9, 2010

Jewelry by C. Wilder

So when I was a sophomore in high school, I started a little jewelry business where I sold my wares at the local farmer's market. Well, seeing that I have an unpaid internship and some free time this summer, I figured I'd get back into it. So here's the first batch, for sale at Josephine (the best store in the world, I get all my jeans there) in downtown Camden. So stop by and buy! I'm also taking custom orders, so if you see anything on here you want just let me know and I can make you the same one or work out different colors or designs. I'll even ship it to you! Prices upon request.

Three-strand necklace of pearls, peridot, rock quartz, vintage pink quartz, murano glass, and sea-glass agate.

Single-strand of Kenyan-cow bone, wood, resin, rock quarts, and vintage wooden beads.

Bracelet of quartz, pearl, and black satin ribbon.

Braclet of sea-glass agate, quartz, Kenyan cow-bone.

Earings of sea-glass agate, rock quartz, satin ribbon.

Earings of rock quartz, silver, and Murano glass.

Earings of Murano class and black enamel rose beads.

Listening to: I Want You Back, covered by Discovery (Discover them, they are so awesome).


  1. Charlotte,

    You are so talented. You never cease to amaze me!!!


  2. i second what my mother said!


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