Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday I went out on the water with Alison and drove her work boat as she took video footage of the beautiful 50 foot day-sailor Ginger. This shoot was a dream come true for me because since she was built, Ginger has been one of my favorite boats in Rockport Harbor and probably the world. Built up at the Brooklin Boat Yard and finished up at Rockport Marine, her lines are stunning, sleek, and efficient--she can move with the best of them. I posted some pictures of her earlier in the post about last year Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, for which I still owe you guys pictures from the actual race. But anyways, she's beautiful, and Alison was kind enough to drive for a while and let me shoot as well. So here's what I came up with-- Enjoy!

Also, I hope you're all enjoying summer now that it's in full swing. Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus, but you'll be relieved to know that my tan (and vanity) is alive and well. Being out on the ocean has been so wonderful (though I wouldn't mind logging a little more time under sail), and the mile I swim in the lake everyday is getting easier and easier as the sun gets warmer and warmer. I'm going to visit RBC tomorrow, which means I lasted a week and a half away from teaching sailing, which I think is pretty impressive. All in all, life is good. Much love.

Listening to: Drake and Diane, mixed by White Panda (THANK YOU CJBW!) ..."so I ride through the city with my high beams on, can you see me, can you see me? get your visine on."


  1. These maritime pictures really touch a softspot in my heart. Once a mechanical engineer in Maine, and now living in landlocked Nebraska, I don't get out to the ocean much and really appreciate these great photos. Keep up the great work Charlotte!


  2. Brigham, thank you so much! I'm glad that I can give you a glimpse of the ocean every once in a while. I know how it feels to be away from it... thanks for reading, it means a lot!


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