Monday, July 26, 2010

Drifting Pictures

So today James and I had planned to go to Dark Harbor on Islesboro. We trundled down to Rockport Marine, where we got the dinghy to start (always exciting) and buzzed out to the boat, a trip that always seems to take forever. When we finally got out past Indian Island, the seas were about 5 feet high, and our little Whaler was getting rocked. So instead of our planned excursion, James drove us around the bay while I took pictures of the other boats. Here are the results, hope you like them! P.S. stay tuned for some exciting photographic news in my life...

Indian Island Light. Of course.

Lobster boat La Boat.

The schooner Surprise.


The lobster boat UNI.

Angelic clouds.

A ferry shuttling trucks over to the islands.

Listening to: The song from the credits of the first episode of Mad Men Season 4 that's stuck in my head. Thank god MM is back is all I can say.

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