Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Night Shots: Oil Driller

There's a huge ship anchored between Rockland and Rockport harbor, an oil drilling ship that broke and is being repaired here (check out the article in the Bangor Daily News). They had to get it fixed up here because the boat drafts so much that the harbor had to be extremely deep, and Rockport harbor and the surrounding area is the third deepest harbor on the Eastern sea-board. There is an engineering company based in Rockland that can fix a boat of this size and importance-- the ship drills down to 10,000 feet under the sea bed, and in light of the recent oil spill, we can all agree that fixing problems before they explode in the ocean is a nation-wide priority. I can see the ship from my house and when it gets dark out the whole boat (it's so huge I don't even know if I can call it a boat in fairness, more like a skyscraper for the water) is all lit up. It looks like a floating city out there--the lights sparkle, and it seems to hover in midair, suspended in the blackness of the sea and sky at night. I wanted to photograph it at night (day shots to come in the next few days, I'm going to get as close as I can in our Whaler and take some pictures from the ocean), so I took my great-grandfathers old tripod that my grandmother gave me, pictured here:

...And I set up on the roof of my house. Yes, the roof. I was slightly terrified of falling off and breaking either the tripod, camera, telephoto lens, or myself, but art prevailed (per usual) and, feeling like Michelangelo atop his scaffolding as he painted the Sistine Chapel (though far less talented, old, and bearded...not to mention famous), I pressed the shutter. I tried a bunch of different methods; I changed the shutter speed, adjusted the aperture, and did all the photo-y stuff one does when trying to humbly capture a moment in space and time. So I got some shots that show the ship well and others that look more psychedelic, but that I think both came out really well. So here they are, along with some shots of the moon and windows of the second story of my house from the outside in: a rare and somewhat creepy view. They all look better bigger, but this is the best I can do, so I hope you like them!

Listening to: Wonderful Day (Live) by O.A.R...."and we walked and we talked we didn't have no time to stop that day, that day was a wonderful day."

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