Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From the Lake to the Sea

Today I didn't have to be in the studio until 12, so I went to Lake Megunticook where our lovely friend Coralie lets my family use her dock. I brought the telephoto and snapped some pics. From there I went to work (an all of five minute drive...this truly is where the mountains meet the sea) and wandered around the wharf and the docks in Camden harbor. The result is here for all to see, with the harbor shots first. Enjoy.

Bow of a wooden dinghy.

Classic tourists on the wharf.

Great stance.



Crew aboard the Mary Day works on the shrouds on the bowsprit.

The same crew through the lines of another boat.

The bow, Wayfarer in the background.

Close-up of the bow of another beautiful wooden dinghy.

Dinghies tied to each other at the dock.

Prophet again.

Lazy Jack II at her dock.

Natuical flags atop the harbor master's office.

Wish I could make this were bigger without it's getting pixely...this girl's expression is awesome.


Sky reflected on the ripples in the lake.

Taken at water level.

Coralie's beautiful camp.

Another religious view.

A perfect Maine day.

Listening to: "That's Enough" by Ray Charles
Lines I like: "You've got to hug me, you've got to love me, you've got to kiss me, you've got to miss me, you've got to hold me in your arms, and that's enough."

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