Monday, June 21, 2010

Because Who Doesn't Love a Puppy?

I don't have a ton of new pictures to show from the weekend, but I do have some adorable shots of a Golden Retriever puppy. So, in the spirit of dogs being awesome and totally American as the fourth of July approaches, I found some pictures featuring man's (and woman's) best furry friends. I'm slapping them up on this electronic bulletin board I seem to have gotten addicted to. And as we speak (type, rather), Rosie-the-dog herself (pictured above) sauntered into my room and plopped down on her dog bed with her bone after chasing her tail for 30 seconds. She's looking quite content, having already stepped on the cat and stolen a piece of chicken from the counter. If only humans were as simple... do you ever have a bad day and look at a sleeping dog and think, dear god, what I wouldn't give to be you right now? Though the stale dog food and lack of thumbs would definitely become an issue after a little while.

So with that, woof.

Snug the cat in a basket. Because what better way to start off a post about dogs than with a cat?

Diane and Maggie make baskets at the Camden Farmers Market, 2009.

Corallie and Pepper, film with Olympus OM, summer 2008.

From the Wilder family archives: Mama, Bear, and I atop Beech Hill. Photo by Throop.

19 years later: Mama atop Beech Hill, this time with Rosie. Photo again by Throop.

Pug Nation, Camden Farmer's Market, 2009.

Scooter Smith, Vinalhaven, Maine, 2008.

One of my dear friend's family just got a puppy--naturally, I went along to see it. Voila-- Gilly the pup. Squishy-face.


Ferdinand the bull in puppy form.

Listening to: "I've Got The World On A String" by Ol' Blue Eyes himself
Because: There's no better song to dance to in a kitchen.


  1. You're photos are so adorable. I miss my dog. Her name is Millie. Sniffle.

  2. Thank you Jenn!! I'll be sure to pat Rosie an extra time for you while you're away from Millie :)


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