Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Route ME17/32

When my cousin Ben called me yesterday and told me he was coming to Rockport and that I should go have dinner with him and Nana, I had no choice but to obey. I adore Ben and don't see him often enough, so it was such a great surprise. The light was absolutely stunning...I took some pictures driving home and then back this morning...unsafe but totally worth it. And don't worry, I DID pull over when there was a photo op that couldn't be captured by just holding up the camera and clicking out the passenger side window...

Field workers in the morning in Vassalboro.

Home sweet home, view from Nana's.


Also, today I took two benadryl because I had been lying in the grass and my legs itched. I forgot that benadryl makes me pass out, so I successfully started to fall asleep in lunch and then slept through my entire Jewish History class. What an idiot.

Listening to: Skinny Love, by Bon Iver.
Lines I like: And I told you to be patient/And I told you to be fine/And I told you to be balanced/And I told you to be kind.

Thoughts: Does a photograph act as formaldehyde for the soul?


  1. I think you might have a future in photography.

  2. juls, you're the best! thanks so much...

  3. your blog is so much better than my paper that i'm writing right now.

    you take amaaaaazing pictures!!! seriously.

    and you would be taking a jewish history class.

    i love this blog. and you. keep it up, ladyy. and come back to massachusetts at some point... you can take artsy pictures of me!

  4. COURT! what a sweet-heart you are! I'm so thrilled you like my pictures, I don't take those compliments lightly. I miss you, silly girl...when I'm in MA next you better believe I'll take artsy pictures of you. Better yet, come visit me in Maine! DO IT! and yes, I am taking Jewish hist. And another Russian one in the fall. KGrant would be sooo


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