Monday, May 3, 2010


Many of you know that I work for insideColby, which is Colby College's magazine with student provided content that aims to show prospective students what Colby is really like. It does a pretty good job I think, though we definitely present the college sunny-side up...for example, photos of a weekend at Colby probably wouldn't go over well. But anyways, I'm doing a photo essay for them called "Passions," and it's about kids at Colby who do things other than study and drink. It's still a work in progress, but here are a few pictures I like best from the shoots I've done so far...hope you enjoy!

Leigh Bullion writes the most beautiful handwritten letters I've ever seen. The recipients are blessed...

Molly Hodson hard at work on a still-life in the Foundations studio in Bixler. The colors were too good to pass up...
Colby Emergency Response team... or CER as they abbreviate it. These guys are the ones who will get to the scene of an accident or simply when someone needs help before the paramedics do, so we students are in great hands the moment we need help. They also seem to have a lot of fun in the office while they wait for calls :)

Tory (who seems to be a fixture on this blog) loves to cook, clean, and iron her husband's ties every morning before he heads to work. Just kidding, but she IS a master chef. Here she is dressed like a 50s housewife, presenting the beautiful quinoa-stuffed red peppers we had for dinner on Thursday which I can assure you tasted as good as they look.

The finished product! My greek salad and Tor's peppers with our lovely bottle of wine.

Not people or Colby related, but a beautiful magnolia tree outside my house in Lincoln that was too beautiful not to post.

The band the Joint Chiefs also earns a spot in the essay, but I'm saving them their own post because the shoot was too awesome to only include one or two pictures.

Listening to: The sound of computer keys clicking away on the second floor of the library.
Favorite line: click click clack clack click....(pause) cliclicliclic (that's the backspace).


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