Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From the iFone...and other (F)thoughts

Well, since seeing the light and getting an iPhone, I've done nothing but play doodlejump and take pictures. So I thought I'd share with you lovely folks the photo phun I've been having, complete with horrible alliteration. Enjoy.

Cappy's Chowder House, Camden, Maine.

Rosie the pup.

A pond along route 32.

A run down house out of the jeep window.

China, Maine.

Have you every been so proud to get at the meaning of poems? Looking to Walt for inspiration from my perch in the second floor of the library.

Said perch.
I95 at dusk, driving home to Waterville from New Hampshire.

Both above: Portland at sunset.

A silly boy.

I seem to take a lot of pictures with this phone out of car windows, so a shoutout to the 2003 Jeep Liberty is in order. What a vehicle....

Also, the pictures that look old are from the iPhone app called "Hipstamatic." Big thanks to MH for that tip.

I drove home again today for my mom's birthday tomorrow so that I could have dinner with her and wake up on her birthday to give her a huge hug in person. My mother is the most amazing woman I know, and I love her beyond words. So happy birthday, Deborah Weisgall, you deserve all the happiness in the world. Thanks for being the best mom ever, I seriously lucked out. And for picking a not-so-bad father for me, too ;) Hi Throop Martin Wilder III. Way to go on getting Mama that necklace...

Listening to: Rosie the dog's collar jingle as she plays with her stuffed Mallard duck, and my mom typing away on her computer and her knitting needles click as she manages to make a sweater at the same time.
Looking at: The harbor at night.
Smelling: The salt air mixed with laundry detergent from the recent wash I did.

Thanks to CJBW for the Bon Iver-James Taylor mashup. And for emailing the file to me because obviously I wasn't going to get around to downloading it from the link that you sent first. Love you, dear.

AND HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who's been reading my ramblings, looking at my pictures, and leaving comments...I'm fairly new to this whole blogging situation, but I'm quickly becoming addicted. Your readership makes me feel like maybe it's worth something after-all, and gives me an excuse to keep indulging myself. Much, much, much love.


  1. you are absolutely amazing my dear. xoxo

  2. Hey there Charlotte,

    Your photos have a great bold impression. And one of James too !

    Much enjoyed,
    Thom W.

  3. Tor- No dear. You are. Love love love.
    Thom- Thank you!! I'm so glad you like the pictures. Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. Hey Tory! Hey Bro! Hey Char! Great pics

  5. neener nee neener, neener nee neener

  6. (F)resh. Perspective. Life, live it.


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