Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Miller Third Floor...

So I've been on the third floor of Miller Library at Colby College all day, leaving only to eat and play squash ( can you tell I'm an elitist New Englander? Jesus). I think my brain is starting to melt because I feel guilty that I just don't care that much about the Mayan revolt in 1994. I should, but me with this book is like Helen Keller trying to read matzo at Passover. So here are a few recent pics more for my own procrastination than anything...but I hope you guys enjoy. More to come. NH this weekend, should have some beautiful/hilarious shots to share with you guys.Inidian Island Light in late February. Because what's a post without it?

The draped lady at the Colby Museum of Art. Wandering through those rooms is so peaceful. Necessary to get away from the craziness of campus and escape into beautiful things.

Feet looking out over the hills of Maine.

Feels good to be back in the blogosphere. Once I figure out how to put links to songs we'll be in good shape. I'm

Thanks to RFP and JSW for the photoshop bootlegging. Much appreciated.

Listening to: "Beginning of a Great Adventure" -Lou Reed. Because? Why not.
Line I like: "It's not good trying to immortalize yourself."


  1. Hey there Charlotte,

    These photos have such a bold impression. Great composition and variety as well !
    And one of James too!!
    Much Enjoyed,

  2. Lou Reed's "New York" is such a dark horse classic. I don't run into too many people who know of it and I usually like the ones that do. I really like "Romeo Had Juliet" it's such a great opener for the album.


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