Monday, July 27, 2009

By the proverb, a few thousand words...

Here are some pictures that I have not yet posted, but I think deserve to be up on le blog. Enjoy!

Little day-sailor Primrose at the docks at Rockport Marine.

Sunset over I95 driving back from Cape Cod on the 6th of July.

Under sail on the Heron.

Robinson's Rock off of Mark Island in Penobscot Bay. Each white thing draped on the seaweed is a seal! Supposedly there are sharks that live around a ledge 20 feet under water off of Mark and snack on these little guys...

Schooner Timberwind returning to Rockport after a week long sail.

Thoughts: Sometimes when I am in Maine on this rocky, ragged, and tricky coast I feel my lungs expand with the wild air. I walked around Beauchamp Point today and saw one far away fir tree that was perfectly placed and framed by two clouds as I rounded a corner by the Ames' field. The wind was coming from the usual Southeast and the tall grass rustled and mimicked the ripples of the ocean. It was one of those moments when I am stunned by how much I love this place and how alive and real and happy I am when I'm here.
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Favorite Line: "There is nothing we can't do, I'll see you along the way, baby."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Schooner Heron (meets Johnny Depp)

Sometimes I find it hard to believe I get paid for what I do. I might as well give up all hope of enjoying a professional life now, because nothing will ever come close to being in boats all day under a blue, or gray, or even falling down sky. As if my summer job weren't good enough already, last friday the instructors and junior sailors were treated to a morning sail aboard the schooner Heron, captained by Twig Bower and his wife Bonnie Schmidt. Their daugheters, Elissa and Rachel, are in the RBC beginner sailing class (though their ability is far beyond the level) and every year they so generously invite us all onto their teak decks for a glorious trip. To top it all off, Bonnie gives me a shirt each year, which I proudly rock throughout the seasons to remind myself even in the miserable February weather that summer (or at least slightly warmer temperatures) do await me.

Twig designed and built the boat himself, and the yacht has proven itself in a number of races. Last year Heron won the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, the most famous wooden boat race in Maine held annually on August 1st (I am lucky enough to be crewing the Taylor Allen's boat Northern Crown in the race next weekend, so stay tuned for pictures and commentary from the front lines). Heron has also won the Sweethearts Classic Yacht Regatta out of Tortola, BVI, in 2007-2008, and placed third in 2009 in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in Maho Bay, St. John, Antigua. The boat is beautiful-its classic lines and sleek rigging sweep in and out of Rockport Harbor, leaving hardly a ripple behind as Twig and Bonnie take tourists out for either a morning, lunchtime, or dinner cruise every day in the summer. In the winter, the Bowers depart for hotter climes, taking snorkeling cruises out of Antigua daily. It's no wonder their daughters are such accomplished sailors at only 11 and 9...

This year, the girls missed the first week of the four week RBC sailing program they were enrolled in. When I asked them where they'd been when they returned to Rockport, they told me that they were filming in Puerto Rico with Johnny Depp in his self-produced new film, set for release in January 2010, The Rum Diaries (originially a book by Depp's late good friend Hunter S. Thompson).

My jaw dropped. They had to be kidding. But Bonnie confirmed all and told me the story while we sailed out past Robinson's Rock and marveled at the forty seals perched upon the cliffs. Apparently director Bruce Robinson saw a picture of the Heron taken while racing in Antigua, and said, "That's the boat I want." So the production managers contacted the Bowers, and they agreed to let their boat be used as Aaron Eckhardt's character's yacht.

Several of the movies big party scenes take place in the cockpit of the Heron, and Depp has a pivotal scene with his lover up on the bow. Eckhardt even has a sex scene hanging off of a ladder on the starboard side. When Elissa gave Depp his own Heron t-shirt at the end of filming, he said, "You're a lucky girl. I wish I could live on my boat with my family and sail forever. Enjoy this."

So give me a call if you want to sail on the same boat that stars in the up-coming Johnny Depp movie. If I like you, I might even say yes.

More on the Heron at:

Some pictures I took of this gorgeous boat:

Not the Heron, but my religious view: Indian Island Light in the morning under opening skies...
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beatiful days and sad goodbyes...

Stunning day on the water. I'm back to my normal tan summer color after a horribly pale beginning! Call me vain, but it does make me a little bit happier. Took the camera out on the water today and took portraits of the kids for the annual end of the year slideshow, but I'm not going to post them because that's creepy and probably not legal without some parent signatures. And personally I wouldn't want my kids on their sailing instructor's blog. So instead I'll put some of the scenic ones up.

Little guy solo-ing the Puffin.

The schooner Timberwind. Week long over-night sails; family friendly. Check it out at

Andy and me teaching the little monsters :)

420 dock- all lined up, Rockport Marine in the distance.
One of my dearest friends, Noah Burke, leaves for a semester of study-abroad in Perth, Australia tomorrow. I haven't had a summer up here without him since I was thirteen or fourteen years old. But he'll have a wonderful time, I know, which makes it easier to say goodbye. In the words of Wyclef Jean, he'll be gone till November. Safe travels and wishes for a wonderful trip, No, I'll miss you...

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Why? You know why.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

After a July 4th hiatus, a return to the blogosphere...

A dose of patriotism...
Hello all. What a weekend I had...definitely the best since school (maybe because it was sunny and beautiful?). I was on Cape Cod with some dear friends from school who were hospitable and lovely (thank you Nick and John [and AO], what kind hosts!). The Cape was so different from Maine; much more crowded, flatter, and more sand. But then again, everything is different from Maine, and Maine is my reference point for everything, so you do the math. Here are some pictures:

Tonight I went to a lecture and a group exhibit of John Paul Caponigro's (son of famous photog Paul Caponigro, who was there as well) students at the Maine Media Workshops...Some great photographers. Some not so great ones as well, but the good was far greater than the bad was bad. I strongly encourage you to check out Paul Tornaquindici's work at I'm also including the link to get to my favorite picture of his: A very ncie man as well as a spectacular photographer.
That's all for today. After granting me three days of sun it seems a fourth was too much to ask; Pirates of the Caribbean was the afternoon activity (though I only saw the beginning, as I fell asleep and woke up with lines on my face from the plastic chair that served as my bed).

Listening to: "Daylight" by Matt & Kim (thanks Chassy)
Favorite line: "I miss yellow lines in my roads, some color on monochrome, maybe I'll paint them in myself."
P.S. Hi Deano!