Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beatiful days and sad goodbyes...

Stunning day on the water. I'm back to my normal tan summer color after a horribly pale beginning! Call me vain, but it does make me a little bit happier. Took the camera out on the water today and took portraits of the kids for the annual end of the year slideshow, but I'm not going to post them because that's creepy and probably not legal without some parent signatures. And personally I wouldn't want my kids on their sailing instructor's blog. So instead I'll put some of the scenic ones up.

Little guy solo-ing the Puffin.

The schooner Timberwind. Week long over-night sails; family friendly. Check it out at

Andy and me teaching the little monsters :)

420 dock- all lined up, Rockport Marine in the distance.
One of my dearest friends, Noah Burke, leaves for a semester of study-abroad in Perth, Australia tomorrow. I haven't had a summer up here without him since I was thirteen or fourteen years old. But he'll have a wonderful time, I know, which makes it easier to say goodbye. In the words of Wyclef Jean, he'll be gone till November. Safe travels and wishes for a wonderful trip, No, I'll miss you...

Listening to: "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors
Why? You know why.


  1. umm i believe the correct spelling is "beautiful"


  2. p.s. - i just went through a lot of trouble to come up with a sn and chappy628 was the best one i could come up with. FACT.
    you might be jealous?? FACT.


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