Tuesday, July 7, 2009

After a July 4th hiatus, a return to the blogosphere...

A dose of patriotism...
Hello all. What a weekend I had...definitely the best since school (maybe because it was sunny and beautiful?). I was on Cape Cod with some dear friends from school who were hospitable and lovely (thank you Nick and John [and AO], what kind hosts!). The Cape was so different from Maine; much more crowded, flatter, and more sand. But then again, everything is different from Maine, and Maine is my reference point for everything, so you do the math. Here are some pictures:

Tonight I went to a lecture and a group exhibit of John Paul Caponigro's (son of famous photog Paul Caponigro, who was there as well) students at the Maine Media Workshops...Some great photographers. Some not so great ones as well, but the good was far greater than the bad was bad. I strongly encourage you to check out Paul Tornaquindici's work at I'm also including the link to get to my favorite picture of his: A very ncie man as well as a spectacular photographer.
That's all for today. After granting me three days of sun it seems a fourth was too much to ask; Pirates of the Caribbean was the afternoon activity (though I only saw the beginning, as I fell asleep and woke up with lines on my face from the plastic chair that served as my bed).

Listening to: "Daylight" by Matt & Kim (thanks Chassy)
Favorite line: "I miss yellow lines in my roads, some color on monochrome, maybe I'll paint them in myself."
P.S. Hi Deano!

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  1. Thanks for the comments and links! Waiting to see something amazing from your new camera.


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