Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures from the Soggy End of June

Sorry to be away from the blog for a while! I wanted to wait to post again until I had some pictures to show you, and as a result I've been snapping away like crazy. I have pictures from the farmer's market on Saturday morning, a boat trip that I took to Camden and Rockland in my whaler with my cousins, and pictures from the Islesboro ferry terminal at Lincolnville Beach (of which I jumped off of one night in the stupidity of my youth a few years ago...but who am I kidding, I'm still stupid and young). I'm pretty pleased with my results, tell me what you think! Here are my favorites:

Two lobstermen bring in their catch to a man from Young's Lobster Pound, waiting on the pilings above for fresh lobster.

Tubs by the Islesboro ferry terminal at Lincolnville Beach.

Lobstermen's dingies tied up at the Lincolnville Beach.

The stern of the boat Rawfaith, moored in Rockland harbor. Looks like a pirate ship...and is equally as erie.

Rockland Light at the end of the Breakwater. The rock wall is a mile long and extends into the middle of the harbor to block the boats from the worst waves during storms.

Baskets made by our friend Diane (husband Kevin runs the farm); they're at the market every Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Smith, of Smith's Smoke House. They make smoked meats and fish, and the best beef jerky I've ever had.

Fresh veggies from After the Fall Farm in Montville, ME.

The owner of Ensemble Farms dishes out pasta made that morning at 5am. Semolina flour makes all the's divine.

So that was my weekend (along with some other adventures that I think I'll keep off the internet). I'm about to kill someone because it's still raining. I've sort of just accepted it now, though. Still getting a tan even though I'm never warm and I'm always damp. Off to take a hot shower and pick out movies for the kids to watch tomorrow, seeing as we went pirate hunting today and were all very cold by the end of our excursion. Though we did take along the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music, which warmed us all up. And we found at least three pirate ships lurking outside of the harbor in the least the kids are pretty convinced of it. But what should they have expected? The "Chance of Piracy" meter WAS set to high...

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  1. love the pics char! and you better believe that i'm following your blog. need to get my charlotte wilder fix every now and then haha

    miss you!

    - marge


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