Monday, June 22, 2009

A Rainy First Day on the Water...

And so summer 2009 has officially begun for me with the start of the RBC sailing program. I love this job. Even though it was rainy today (despite the pretty picture from last year to the right that I just had to post) we still had a great time--the kids in the morning class, around 8 or 9 years old on average, are absolutely adorable. The older kids whom I know pretty well by now are also great, but that's not surprising. Really quality people come to our program and stick with it; I've taught some of the same kids for five years now, and watching them grow up has been wonderful and sometimes funny (especially when the boys come in with voices two octaves lower than the previous summer), though also sobering when I think about how quickly time has started to go by. When I was little summers were each day on the calendar on which I record what we did seems to be filled up so quickly.

We're missing our instructors Nick, Mike, and Alistair for the first week, so we're a little short staffed. However, some of the kids from the 420 class are helping us out in the morning, which is much appreciated! Today in morning circle when we went around and asked everyone's name and age and sailing experience, one little boy had me struggling to keep a straight face. Direct quote: "My name is Havana because I was conceived in Havana, Cuba, and I'm 8 years old and..." We instructors just looked at each other in amazement and tried our best not to laugh too obviously. I'm thinking little Havana doesn't quite understand the meaning of conceived, but regardless I would have loved to hear the conversation that his parents had with him to relay that information...also, when I said I was 20, the kids jaws dropped, and a few of them gasped. I guess 1989 might as well have been the Mesozoic era as far as they are concerned....

The afternoon was pretty eventful in the JC9 class-- one boat capsized, and we had to bring the others in because it was too gusty. The 420s toughed out some rain and enjoyed a brisk sail, even though the wind was flukey as it was coming from land as opposed to the usual nice Southeast breeze from the mouth of the harbor. I really can't wait until this weather clears up, if it ever does. My spirits are so much higher when there's a little sunshine. Though just being out on the water again does wonders, rain or shine.

It's hard to put into words how much I love that little shack of a boat club, but over the summer I'll try my best. It's the place time forgot; I recently re-did posters that had been hanging for at least ten years before I started sailing only because they were getting too faded to read. It's a gift to be able to keep going back to the place that I learned to do what I love most and have it still look and smell the same as it did when I was eleven (a combination of musky sails and ocean air, mixed with a little WD40 and sunscreen). Hopefully I'll be sailing a lot myself this summer as well as teaching others... better believe that the moment there's a bit of sun I'll be out there after teaching, zipping back and forth across the harbor I know and love so well...
Listening to: "Song to Woody," by Bob Dylan, off his self-titled album.
Favorite line: "Hey, hey, Woody Guthrie, I wrote you a song 'bout a funny old world that's a-comin' along..."

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  1. "Song to Woody" is one of my favorite Dylan songs. I can't listen to it too often though because I think the magic will go out of it if I do. Did you know the tune is a Woody Guthrie song called "1913 Massacre" not really surprising given Guthrie's influence on Dylan and, after all, the song is about him.

    "Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather" is another Dylan song I've got to use sparingly.


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